Thu Sep 04, Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Thing is, this model doesn’t have built-in video and requires a video card in the open AGP slot. Nevarre Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Have you tried flashing the bios? Aug 19, Posts: If it were me, I’d get an RMA, or equivalent, in process to see about getting it replaced soonest.

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I’ve even tried just saying save and exit setup and it won’t POST. I’m sure you’ve already checked, but it sounds shuttle fn45 the bios protection jumper might be on. Jul 14, Posts: I am shuttle fn45 to make changes as long as I have my old PC installed, I’m going to see if Windows will install, this way.

Shuttle Global – SN45G V3

Is it the memory? Sun Feb 27, 6: Fri Sep 05, 1: Shuttle fn45 the RAM, does it beep?

shuttle fn45 Fri Sep 05, 2: Shuttle’s site has scarce troubleshooting info, and I’m unsure how to diagnose this thing no IT background hereis it the CPU? If you want to try some part-swapping, I’d start with the PS, just to see what happens.

Well, I tried the recommendation on that Sudhian thread. Wonderful of Shuttle to not conform to standards. I feel your pain, I had shuttle fn45 same problem, and it’s been discussed to death over on the Sudhian forums.

Jumpers Clear Cmos Setting (jp1) – Shuttle FN45 User Manual [Page 33]

Abnormal behavior like that isn’t the kind of thing I want to spend too much time shuttle fn45 with at all. Have you tried flashing the bios?

This is shuttle fn45 the second set of memory I have tried, I used the old Crucial PC from my previous box and it would freeze either at startup or while installing windows Could I need a shuhtle BIOS chip? Jul 6, Posts: I’ve done all the CMOS tricks leaving the battery unplugged, leaving the clear CMOS jumper on, and shuttle fn45 booting up holding insert and still nothing changes.

Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. If it were me, I’d shuttle fn45 an RMA, or equivalent, in process to see about getting it replaced soonest. The red LED on the mobo stays lit?

I vote for 3. Thu Sep 04, shuttle fn45 Fri Sep 05, 7: Mon Feb 28, 4: I have nothing plugged in except video card and memory.

Shuttle FN45 User Manual: Jumpers Clear Cmos Setting (jp1)

East Bay Grease Registered: Sounds to me like you might have a blown PSU. I noticed, through shuttle fn45 side vents, a red LED on the mobo is on. Thu Mar 03, 3: May 8, Posts: I am a little worried though, because indications are that it shuttle fn45 just be that this board doesn’t like PC MB RAM sticks, at least at stock voltage. Sun Feb 27, Apr 24, Posts: I don’t have much to work with, I’ve ask the store I’ve purchased it from ncix.