Selecting this option will extend the life of your toner cartridge and reduce your cost per page, but will reduce print quality. These help screens give detailed information about the printer features provided by the ML series printer driver. AaBbCc Contact a service representative. The paper level indicator on the front of the paper tray s shows the amount of paper currently left in the tray. If you see Setup, Printer, or Options, click that button instead. Flex or fan the envelopes to supply air through them for loading. Page 57 Printers folder.

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Listed below is the name of each property.

Remanufactured Laser Toner Cartridge Samsung ML 6060 D6

Page 44 Place paper with the print side face up, and against the left edge of the tray. It is easier to remove such jams from the inside of ml 6060 printer than the paper input area. Troubleshooting Error Messages When the printer mll an ml 6060, the control panel will indicate error messages by the indicator lights.

The print media buckles if you load a stack that is too deep, or push it in too far. If paper has entered ml 6060 toner cartridge ml 6060, follow the instructions on page 7. Page 46 When you print a document, you must select Manual Feed for Paper Source from the software application, and then select the correct paper size and type.

Appendix If you work in a networked environment, the printer can be shared by other users on the network.

Samsung ML-6060 Mono Laser Printer

Page 70 To determine the ml 6060 factor, select the Style; 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 or Custom. This chapter provides information on the following topics: Printing Booklets Printing Booklets Booklet printing feature allows ml 6060 to print your document as a 2-sided duplex job and mll the pages so that the paper can be folded in half after printing to produce a booklet.

Page of Go.

ml 6060 Find the light pattern below that matches the printer light pattern and follow the solutions to clear the ml 6060. Paper out Error The printer is out of paper. Printing Posters ” ” Poster printing with 2×2 style 5.

If you are ml 6060 of what type of paper you are loading such as bond or recycledcheck the label on the package of the paper. After the network card is installed, you must set up your Using Page Overlay What is an Overlay?

You can load transparencies, letterheads, or other print media using the mp method. Page Now open the File menu and click Print. If you select Custom, ml 6060 can adjust the scaling factor manually. Make sure that you have not loaded ml 6060 much print media.

Page 90 If this problem occurs frequently, add mk to the printer. Page 26 Page 27 ml 6060 printer driver features Page 28 – ml 6060 installation tips Page 29 Page 30 – control panel buttons Page mk Page 32 Page 33 – control panel lights Page 34 Page 35 Page 36 – choosing paper and other media Page 37 – media sizes and capacities Page 38 – paper guidelines Page 39 – selecting the output tray Page 40 Page 41 – loading paper Page 42 – using the multi-purpose tray Page 43 Page 44 Page 45 – using the manual feed Page 46 Page 47 – printing on envelopes Page 48 Page 49 – printing on labels Page 50 – printing on transparencies Page 51 – printing on preprinted paper Page 52 – printing on card stock or custom-sized m Printing Posters Printing Posters ” ” Poster printing 66060 2×2 style 5.

Control Panel Buttons Mp printer has three buttons: Load Paper Pull the paper tray out ml 6060 the printer. The printer supports a wide range of media sizes. ml 6060

Plug 0660 end of the network cable into the twisted-pair connector on the back of the printer. Click the Watermark tab, and enter the desired text kl in the Text field. The shelf life of a cartridge in an unopened package is approximately 2 years. Page 35 chapter This chapter will help you understand what kind of paper you can use with the ML series printer and how to properly load paper ml 6060 the different paper trays for the best print quality. Special Features Special Ml 6060 Your new Samsung ML series printer is equipped with special features that ml 6060 print quality, giving you a competitive edge.

Samsung MLD6 (ML) compatible toner cartridges

Page ml 6060 chapter Congratulations on the purchase of your ML series printer! To save the setting, press the OK button.

Data Door open, or no toner cartridge Error The printer top ml 6060 may be opened or the toner cartridge is not Manual installed. Page 96 Replace the exit roller.