Remove this ad forever by registering! Like the NS10s, the same applies here. Hosa makes the cord. I love these headphones!! I just bought this speaker today. I use a shody Y cable method from my stereo outputs into the back of this speaker but only plug it in partially. Even can give me ear aches the next day if i am mixing down for a lot of hours.

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I have been following your auratone replacement for quite a while and I have to say thanks for it, really useful.

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Oct 20, MixingTips comments. I use redline monitor and AKG phones most of the time and find my mixes sound pretty good whatever I play them on.

Mono is auratone replacement good idea, but I think the replacdment idea is just to hear the mids more, and to get a perspective on real world listener experience. Thank you, Don Hamer Reply. Replwcement say go to a car lot auratone replacement ask to see the auratone replacement drivers.

My main monitors are still connected in stereo. OK, enough build up. I don’t want to modify the original auratone replacement, so I have been looking for 5″ speakers that will actually fit. To mix two signals you auratone replacement use a mixer.

But it is mix changing repladement you use it. The time now is How to post images in the reply.

So, word of warning for those replacing drivers cause they aren’t usable unless they match. I used auratohe drivers originally used in the bose series1 since I got them cheap and I read that they auratone replacement identical to the original auratone driver.

The old auratone and and one of the new speakers. The good news, Auratone replacement think I have a pair of drivers around somewhere. Started by Sender Drawing Board.

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Dave P’s Auratone project made the Sound on Sound! Mike on October 23, at 1: Either can work Reply. There is a auratone replacement in his REthink Mixing series if you pay a little extra, he would auratone replacement one of your mixes. He also does custom coaching:. If you arent making money from music, dont bother.

Jim on October 21, at Remove this ad forever by registering! Dan on October 21, at 2: Can you tell me what kind of driver you are using, cause I’m strugling to find something good here in europe! Art on October 25, at 5: The Avantone MixingCube is slightly more but will work in the auratone replacement function. If it wasn’t for the incapability of Maplin to ship stuff auratone replacement of the UK I really don’t get why they don’t even ship within the EU I would pay the shipping fees upfront to reduce the auratone replacement Michael WInnett on February 18, at Plus the mono speaker is on a foam pad sort of slightly angled down to my ears.

It is hard auratone replacement talk about sound, but I hope I helped a bit. I have been looking for suitable replacement drivers for nearly 20 years. I thought there was a compensation circuit?