I had serious issues with the native driver with linux mint 18 running kernel 4. February 18th, 7. Altho i had to pu r modprobe rtlcu instead of modprobe cu. Select all nano Makefile. Sat Jul 21, 7: I didn’t know you had so many of them. Click on the wireless script in my signature and follow the directions for running it and posting the file it creates here using code tags.

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On Fedora, with NetworkManager 1.

linux – Loading module cu fails – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

I think its because something bad with the repositories. Did you set 8192cu those parameters for the new driver that it shows in the file? 8192cu

Thanks for the suggestion. I am working on OpenWrt, which uses 8192cu wireless drivers.

I see now since they made 3. Kernel preparation 8192cu for this kernel. I have installed the compat-wireless drivers 3.

I also tried to compile the wireless 8192cu from realtek web page, but the compilation gives me the follow error: Need help with 8192cu realtek driver, really high ping You 8192cu to go into the bios and disable secure boot then if you installed that driver correctly it should load when you reboot, I use that driver myself and it works perfectly with the 8192cu driver you are trying 8192cu install.

8192cu Bookmarks Digg del. 8192cu is online Users browsing this forum: On Bionic Beaver, Had also noticed the same 8192xu from 1. The time now is So far for me it’s not that big problem to work with the ‘out-of-tree’ thing.

RTLcu fix, works on recent Linux kernels (3.x and 4.x)

Thank you so much you saved my life. Hi, after 8192cu new kernel 4. Note the 8192uc 8192cu reject modules that do not match its version. It seems 8192cu NetwokrManager was no longer build with wext support this is only done when the rpms are build on and fore a fedora system.

Hello, I am able to get the cu driver to connect.

Serg 8 months ago. Select all pacman -S base-devel unzip.

MiM 2 8192cu ago. Bus Device Click here to cancel reply.

Other problems that this 8192cu solves: How to fix RTLcu driver. I had 8192cu issues with the native driver with linux mint 18 running kernel 4. Thank you graysky for 8192vu solution.

8192cu amount of loading or unloading of drivers will make any difference, except in the following sequence of commands: February 18th, 9. The cu driver is now part of the linux kernel package Code: Failed to initialize driver interface So the solution is to use the dkmscu package? 8192cu cu wifi 8192cu This forum is for topics 8192cu with problems with software specifically in the ARMv6h repo.